Adventure Boogie

Adventure Sports Festival
2022 edition:
June 4-18 |
Bovec, Slovenia


Imagine spending a week in magical mountains, where each morning you can choose to spend your day paragliding, kayaking, skydiving or try out any of the other adventure sports, by yourself as an experienced athlete or as a beginner under professional guidance…

This is an event where you can do exactly that. You get to enjoy the spectacular Slovenian landscape from the sky and from the water, from mountain tops, caves and canyons. You can challenge yourself physically and mentally in many different ways. Or you can just hang out at the dropzone and chat with the cool kids. Your choice. And the best thing: you can have a magical week in any type of weather.

Can I join?
Anyone is welcome, whether you’re a freeflyer, mountain biker, kayaker, canyoneer, speleologist, paraglider, speedflyer, wingsuiter, tree surgeon or mushroom hunter. If you have any doubts if this event is for you, you can always send us a message to find out (the answer is probably yes).
For some activities a minimum experience is required. Find out more here.

How does it work?
The idea of this event is that you come to practice your own sport or passion, with the opportunity to try out or learn others. Whether you’re a mountain biker that wants to try canyoning, or a paraglider that wants to learn skydiving, this is your event.
When you sign up, you pay a basic registration fee which already includes five adventure tickets. These tickets function as event currency and can be used to take part in sport activities and courses. Half-day activities typically cost around 1-2 adventure tickets. For most of them you can sign up during the event. For multi-day courses you need to reserve beforehand. You will get an email about that after you sign up for the event.

First time skydiver?
If you have never skydived, you can do an AFF course during the event and learn how to skydive yourself! The course is taught by our own ToraTora instructors; a unique way and very special location to start skydiving. Contact us for more info and cost. Max 3 students per week.

Skydive coaching and organising
We have chosen to keep last year’s format , which means that we don’t offer general load organising but provide high quality group jumps and coaching for those who think that’s worth paying for.

Our coaches offer 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 coaching for any level and any discipline.

For experienced skydivers we have a mini skills camp. You sign up for 12 jumps over 2 or 3 days in a very small group of 3 or 4 participants plus a coach. We will try to find the perfect group for you, and if you come with 4 friends you may request your own coach.

More info here.

Registration & prices
Basic registration fee per week: 495 euro
This includes:
– 5 adventure tickets (extra tickets can be bought during the event for 32€ each)
– 2 adventure nights (including dinner and bus transport)
– access to all activities
– campsite at walking distance for those who like to camp

– evening program & parties

After you submit the registration form, you receive a confirmation email with a request to pay your registration fee. You will have 5 days for payment. Once we receive that payment, your slot is secured. Any remaining amount can be paid just before or at arrival in Bovec. We accept bank transfer, cryptocurrency, cash and card payments (2% card fee).

If we still have your deposit from a previously cancelled event, your registration is confirmed instantly when you sign up (if there are available slots). From that moment our cancellation policy applies and your deposit is non refundable.

The location
Slovenia is a spectacular country, in some ways comparable to the landscape of Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand. The Soca valley is one of the most beautiful areas in the country with the charming mountain village of Bovec sitting right on the border of the Triglav National Park. It’s surrounded by mountain peaks and right through the middle of it all runs the clear turquoise coloured Soca river, famed for its world class kayaking. The village is a lively outdoor sports town with plenty of little restaurants, where a meal and a drink are still affordable.

You have several options for accommodation.
– you can reserve a spot for the campsite
– you can bring a camper/RV (more info about RV spots coming soon)
– you can book a hostel, hotel or apartment
Our recommendations:
Hotel Alp & Hotel Mangart, mention “adventure boogie” for 10% discount
Log Pod Mangartom, one of the most beautiful locations to stay, 10 min drive from Bovec
Hostel Soča Rocks, mention “adventure boogie” to get a discount
Hostel Thirsty River, mention “adventure boogie” to get a discount

Getting there
Sharing is caring! When you sign up you’ll get invited to our ride sharing / room sharing chat group.
You can take a train to Most na Soci and then a bus to Bovec. Or a train to Villach and ask someone to come pick you up. You can find information on bus schedules here. You can also fly into Ljubljana (1h45 from Bovec), Trieste (2h from Bovec) or Venice (2h30 from Bovec) and rent a car.

To reserve your slot you need to pay a non refundable registration fee and agree to our GENERAL BOOKING CONDITIONS which you can find here.

If you have any unanswered questions, check out our FAQ section:

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