The Filmmakers Workshop

By CutawayTV & ToraTora

Next edition:
August 11-17 2024
during our Heli Camp skills camp
registration through the Heli Camp sign up form

This workshop is for skydivers who are, or want to become freefly camera flyers and who want to learn or improve their filmmaking and editing skills. A unique opportunity to get coached by experts in their field, during one of the most bad-ass freefly events in Europe.


The concept
The Filmmakers Workshop is usually held during one of our popular skills camps or boogies. During the event you get to learn and practice filming in freefall, flying outside video every day with real participant groups. All these jumps with be coached and debriefed by the legendary Willem de Groot (CutawayTV & ToraTora teammember).

Each of the film students is responsible for one of the event’s day videos. This process will be coached and assisted by Willem as well. The event starts with a seminar on filmmaking, storytelling and the basic rules of shooting and editing. The film students then each get one day to make and show their film, for which they can use each other’s footage if they wish. All the films will be shared online as well.


Can I join?
A certain minimum level is required, as you are responsible for your own and the group’s safety with regard to your flying with them. You therefore need to be in control of your own flying, and able to freely move around other people in freefall. There are groups of different levels, so you don’t need to film the ninja groups, if that doesn’t match with your own skills. We will assess each of you per email before accepting you in the program.


More info coming soon


Willem de Groot’s work:

films from an earlier edition of The Filmmakers Workshop

Film 1 by Cathy:

Film 2 by Sherif Seif El Nasr (Shoosh):

Film 3 by Nic Coulson. Edit by Tommy Papatango:

Film 4 by Markus. Edit by Tommy Papatango:

Film 5 by Jonas:

Film 6 by Ozzie:

Film 7 by Manu:

Film 8 by Anni:

Film 9 by Oscar:

Filmmakers week 2 edit. Edit by Ozzie: