ToraTora is a team of professional skydivers, specialised in event organisation. We run different events throughout the year and are always trying out new concepts and ideas. Some of them become all-time favourites, recurring annually.

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Ever seen a private tropical island, just about big enough for a runway? Think of a week long 5-star all inclusive luxury retreat, and then add skydiving.
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This is a use-your-skills-camp for people with more experience. Groups are kept small so that we have more freedom to play. Our goal is to get you to fly the most fun and creative lines you’ve ever flown.
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This workshop is for skydivers who are, or want to become freefly camera flyers and who want to learn or improve their filmmaking and editing skills. 
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Rene coaching

Do you want one or more of our team members to come coach at your event? To produce an event film for you? To add a spicy party to your boogie? Get in touch! You can also contact each specific team member directly.

Film and photo productions are among our passions. Here are some of our favourite projects:

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