6-10 May 2024
Castellon, Spain

A movement camp with the most creative coaches we could find.

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This is a skills camp where we focus on movement jumps. Groups are kept small so that we have more freedom to play. The goal is to get you to fly the most fun and creative lines you’ve ever flown.

The camp runs Monday – Friday
Your jumps are pre-manifested each day

We jump and live by the beach
We stay in a 4 star hotel & spa right next to the DZ
Your stay includes breakfast, dinner and wine

The setup
We aim to provide a totally care-free event, so that you can fully focus on your flying. We invite only the very best and most creative coaches. The camp runs for 5 days and we aim for 7 jumps per day. Groups are only 4 or 5 participants plus one coach. The minimum requirements for joining are explained further down. Ten slots are reserved for freefly or tunnel professionals.

The price
Standard package – 1860 EUR
Why so cheap? That’s the right question. Consider what’s included in the price:

shared 2-person 4-star hotel room
breakfast, dinner and wine

airport pickups
all coaching and perhaps a party
the first 20 jump tickets

If you want to go a bit cheaper, you can book without hotel and food.
The price includes the first 20 jump tickets. We hope to do more than 30 if weather allows. Extra group jumps are only 34€ and they are optional.
Upgrade to single room – 215 EUR

The lineup:

  • Andreas Mosling
  • Floris Drevel
  • Jasper van der Meer
  • Johannes Bergfors
  • Lamberto Micangeli
  • Oscar Asfura
  • Petter Stensvold
  • Roy Wimmer-Jaglom

On video:

  • Willem de Groot

The location
Skytime Castellon is a wonderful little dropzone with super friendly staff and a pleasant climate; in May we usually have long and sunny days. The DZ is located right next to the beach and runs a fast C208B Caravan up to 14.000 ft every jump.

Can I join?
The original concept was aimed at very experienced flyers only. We have now opened up 20 slots for less experienced flyers as well and the minimum requirement for those is that you can stay in your quadrant in a small group angle jump. If you are unsure if you have enough experience to join the camp, send us a message

How the camp works
You’re put in a small group with other flyers based on your skills and  experience. Every group has a dedicated coach striving to fly the most creative lines that the group can handle. Coaches switch groups every day to offer style variation. We will move participants between groups if needed to make them work better. If you sign up with your friends, you can request to form a group together and get your private coach. The participant/coach ratio is a total average. To ensure the right fit for all group levels the group size may vary a little.

We aim for 7 jumps per day. With perfect weather we can do 35 jumps in 5 days. 20 jumps are already included, extra group jumps are only 34€ including coaching fee and coach jump ticket. We recommend all groups to keep jumping but doing more than 20 jumps is not mandatory. If we can’t finish the 20 jumps due to weather, we will refund unused jump tickets. Cost for coaching and event organisation can never be refunded.

The standard package includes a shared room at the brand new RH | Silene**** Hotel & Spa, right next to the dropzone. It also includes breakfast, dinner & wine.

When you sign up you have the option to upgrade to a single room. You can also choose for the option to book the camp without hotel and arrange your own accommodation and food (360€ discount).

Bring your grandma (or any other non-skydiver)
Castellon is a great place to hang out, even when you stay on the ground. You can bring someone to stay with you in your room and join your meals. You can book this option through the sign up form.
Price: 360 EUR

Arrival day is Sunday 5 May, departure is Saturday 11 May. You can request to extend your hotel booking and do some more jumps before or after the event. Spain is great for train travel and there’s a train station in Castellon. Valencia (VLC) is the closest international airport at 1h drive, Barcelona (BCN) is 2h30. Once in Castellon, everything is close by so you won’t need a car. We’ll arrange 3 free airport shuttles on both travel days.

After you fill out the registration form, you will be asked to pay a 500€ deposit to secure your slot. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining amount should be paid latest two weeks before the start of the event.

To reserve your slot you need to agree to our general booking conditions.