Activities during Adventure Boogie

Adventure Sports Festival
June 4-18 2022
Bovec, Slovenia

You can find the program here.


Follow a river down its gorge, walking, sliding, swimming and rappelling down waterfalls and natural chutes, while captured between large rock faces on each side of the canyon. A must try at Adventure Boogie!

Canyon Rio Ronk

Located in Italy at approx 1h15 from Bovec. A beauty of a canyon with many different jumps, the highest one 10 meter. The highest waterfall is 20 meter.

Canyon Fratarica
A more open canyon with stunning views and a free hanging vertical rope decent through the Parabola waterfall. Walk up 25 to 40 minutes. Streamtime 2 to 4 hours.

Canyon Predelica
This canyon in the Triglav National Park offers a mix of jumps and rope techniques with views over the mighty walls of Log Pod Mangartom. Walk in 30 minutes, walk out 30 minutes. Streamtime 2 to 3 hours.

Canyon Goloboski Potok
Have you fallen in love with the feeling of descending through canyons while surrounded by the sound of crystal clear frothing waterfalls? In that case, the Goloboski Potok will be a real treat for you. A true canyon on the southern side of the Kanin mountain, which presents quite a challenge with its steepness and access. It’s one of the highlights of canyoning in the Soca valley. Walk up one hour, walk out 30 minutes. Streamtime 3 to 4 hours.


Venturing down into a pitch dark cave. Some find it scary and you will get dirty. It’s an experience you will remember and the world feels a little different when you come back into daylight.

Caving (or speleology) is a half day activity for which you can sign up during the event. The price is 2 Adventure Tickets.

Mala Boka cave
A mysterious trip near the gigantic waterfall Boka. Hidden from sight, the entrance to the cave is known only to the people familiar with the surroundings and it hides a real underground gem. After entering, a vast rocky chamber opens before us, which leads to numerous stalagmites and stalactites. The rocky halls are encased with hundreds of windows, which are pierced with sunlight and have lovely acoustics. Duration 3-4 hours.

Srnica cave
The most popular underground exploration in the Bovec region. Pure and raw caving, not suitable for those with claustrophobia. The entrance is hidden in the wall by the Gljun creek. We crouch and walk through an intricate labyrinth of tunnels and halls, which can be stifling at times and then suddenly douse us with cool yet pleasant air of the underground corridors. In some parts we rely on ropes, which enable us easier navigation without getting lost. Duration 3-4 hours.

Cold Water / Breathwork

New in 2022!
Combine breathwork exercises inspired by the Wim Hof method with exposure to the cold water of the Soča river. There is no better way to energise yourself for the rest of the day (or even week).

We offer one or two early morning sessions per week, not far from Bovec. Sign up during the event. You can join for free and you are welcome to buy your instructor a beer later.

Downhill Longboarding

New in 2022!

The Dutch Downhill Division longboard team is coming to Bovec to give 1-day introduction courses for beginners in downhill longboarding.

You can sign up during the event. The price is 1 adventure ticket.

If you are an experienced rider and want to join the crew for some more serious action, get in touch.


Freediving is back at Adventure Boogie!
You can reserve through the reservation form which will be emailed to all participants. Our freediving instructor Vid Ogris offers three options each week:

Freedive introduction
A one-day introduction for beginners at Lake Predil. The price is 3 adventure tickets including gear rental.

SSI Level 1 freedive course
A two-day course including theory, gear rental and SSI certificate (if completed). The price is 280 EUR, which is refundable until a week before the event. After that it’s non-refundable.

Deep dive day in lake Bled
For freedivers who already have their SSI level 1 or comparable experience. The price is 3 adventure tickets including gear rental.


Feel the Soca! Hydrospeeding makes you part of the river. Bouncing waves in tow by the flow. Hold on to the handles on your boogieboard and cruise down the Soca river. Hydrospeed is fun and not very difficult. You’ll be swimming a lot!

Hydrospeed is a half day activity for which you can sign up during the event. The price is 2 adventure tickets.


The famous Even Rokne organises magical “innhopps” around Bovec. An innhopp is a jump into an unknown landing area. These are jumps you won’t easily forget. During Adventure Boogie we organise two Adventure Nights per week, where you can jump into (or take the bus). These evenings include a meal, a film presentation, a party and a bus back to Bovec. You only pay for your jump ticket if you decide to jump in. The rest is included in the event.

Besides these, Even organises several specialty innhopps for smaller groups during the week. You can sign up for them during the event. Prices vary.


Just like skydiving, kayaking is a very technical and adventurous sport. Once you get a whiff of it, you might wanna keep learning for years to come.The green-blue Soča river is famous for it’s kayaking. We paddle on three different river sections:

Kayaking 1
Suitable for beginners.
Get your first river kayaking experience. Learn how to paddle downstream, catch eddies and get out of your boat underwater.

Kayaking 2
If you’ve kayaked at least once or twice before, we can start exploring different and more challenging parts of the river, learning support strokes and techniques to read the water and navigate downstream. Requirements: being able to get in and out of your kayak, empty your boat, paddle in and out of an eddy

Kayaking 3
Requirements: at least 5 days of kayaking experience

Kayaking is a half day activity for which you can sign up during the event. The price is 2 adventure tickets.

Meeting Mountains

Johannes Bergfors lives in Bovec and runs a tourist agency called Meeting Mountains, which helps visitors experience more in the Soča Valley. You might know Johannes as a coach and videographer from previous Adventure Boogies or our other events. For Adventure Boogie, Meeting Mountains organises special tours and expeditions in the area. All Meeting Mountain tours are included in your Adventure Boogie ticket, the only extra cost are potential expenses like bike rental or food.

For most of those tours and expeditions you can sign up on site at the Boogiedesk. For the overnight activity ‘Beautiful sunset and sunrise at a mountain hut’ you do need to sign up beforehand so that we can reserve the mountain hut in time.

Planned activities for Meeting Mountains:
– Beautiful sunset and sunrise at a mountain hut (weekly on wednesday to thursday) Note: reserve beforehand! More info below.
– Guided walk to historic viewpoint over Bovec (with special goat guest)
– Dinner at Farm-to-Table restaurant
– Bike tour to cascading waterfalls, trout lunch at nice spot
– Hiking to grassy ride line bordering Italy
– Live music in beautiful setting
– Visit stunning farm in mountain village and try local cheese
– Hiking; circular tour to Soca Valley biggest waterfall

All activities are dependent on the weather and are subjected to change. For details about dates and times, check out the Boogiedesk regularly or contact Johannes directly. Please tell Johannes if you have any wishes on what to see in the area and he will maybe arange such a thing. For more info contact Johannes:

Beautiful sunset and sunrise at a mountain hut (June 15-16)
A two day hiking-socialising-eating-sleeping tour with a night in a mountain hut in the Slovenian Alps. Join a small group on this unforgettable adventure that could end up being the highlight of your trip. Read more here or contact johannes to enquire or book a spot.
Cost: your own expenses (food, sharing a ride and maybe a small amount for accommodation)
Effort: Should be able to hike for 3-4 hours without complaining, two days in a row.
Description: This is a hiking adventure spanning 1,5 days, which we guarantee to be very rewarding. It’s suitable for people who are not afraid to walk and want to witness a beautiful sunset and sunrise from a mountain. It will be a tight knit group who’ll spend quality time together, share meals and strong experiences. On day 2 it’s maybe possible to fly down if you’re an experienced paraglider. Tandem is not impossible either.
For this overnight trip you can reserve through the reservation form which will be emailed to participants. For the other Meeting Mountain activities you can sign up on site.

Mountain Biking

New in 2022 / second week only

Our Dutch mountain bike crew organises tours with different intensity and difficulty during week two.

You can sign up during the event. The price is 1 adventure ticket for a regular tour and 1,5 for an E-bike tour. Prices include bike rental.

If you are an experienced rider and want to join the crew for some serious downhill action with your own bike, get in touch.


Our instructors are affiliated with the Danish Paragliding Union and work under FAI / Safe Pro Para ratings. 

We offer a package of 3 days of guided paragliding each week. Minimum requirements are that you have flown in the mountains before, are able to start without help and bring your own equipment. The instructors will help you progress and if needed get you signed off on exercises toward your pilot license.

For pilots with more experience they offer advanced coaching, flying in thermals and XC options during week two.

Week one: equipment check Tue 7/06 17:00. Flying Wednesday-Friday.
Week two: equipment check Sat 11/06 17:00. Flying Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (flexible). 

You can reserve through the reservation form which will be emailed to all participants. The price is 2 adventure tickets per day, not including cable-car tickets. We don’t offer a beginner course this year.


Rafting is a very easy and social way to enjoy whitewater sections of the Soča river. No experience needed. just sit, paddle and enjoy. And perhaps swim a little…

Rafting is a half day activity for which you can sign up during the event. The price is 1,5 adventure tickets.


The valley has several nice climbing spots. In a group of four plus one instructor you will learn the basics. If you have experience and want a bit more challenge, let us know in advance to adjust the location to your wishes.

Rockclimbing is a half day activity for which you can sign up during the event. The price is 2 adventure tickets.

We can also help you to find locations if you want to go climb by yourself.


Anyone can come skydive during Adventure Boogie. If you are a licensed skydiver and just want to jump for yourself or with friends, a basic event registration is all you need. For other options, see below.

A slot in the plane costs 1 adventure ticket.

If you are a student or just come out of your AFF, get in touch so we can discuss options for extra guidance and gear rental.

We have chosen to keep last year’s format , which means that we don’t offer general load organising but provide high quality group jumps and coaching for those who think that’s worth paying for. More information below.

Skydiving | AFF course

If you have never skydived before, you can do an AFF course during the event and learn how to skydive yourself, under instruction and guidance by our very own ToraTora instructors Martijn & Willem.

It’s difficult to overstate what a unique opportunity this is for someone interested to learn skydiving. You will probably not find a more impressive location to follow an AFF course, or an equally overwhelming event to do it at. You will most likely be spoiled forever.

The course starts with one day of theory on Sunday, followed by 7 jumps during the week (or more if you need to repeat a level). If the weather cooperates, you will be done with level 7 and able to skydive by yourself from Wednesday. You will also have time to join other activities during the week or you can use that time to do more jumps and start working towards your skydiving A-license.

The price is 1495€ including 7 jumps, gear rental, and full Adventure Boogie participation (or 1000€ if you already signed up as a non skydiver). Sign up through the reservation form or contact us for more info. Max 3 students per week.

Skydiving | Coaching

We have several coaches on site for 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 coaching at any level and any discipline. You will need to reserve coaching on forehand. The best way to do this is through the registration form. You can also apply for coaching later via email, but that will depend on availability of our coaches.

The price is 1,5 Adventure Ticket per jump, plus all participant and coach slots. We’ll aim for minimum 5 jumps in one day. Depending on availability you can request a specific coach. These are the coaches so far:

Alethia Austin
Elias Nummela
Floris Drevel
Hannah Parker
Matt Leonard
Martijn van Dam
Petter Stensvold
Silvia Lacna
Vincent Cotte
Will Penny

Skydiving | Mountain Swooping

Everyone with 500+ jumps can join mountain swooping. It’s mandatory to attend one of the mountain swoop safety briefings during the event. We always fly in small groups with a guide.

Most mountain swooping loads are in the morning due to their weather sensitivity.

The price for mountain swooping is 2 adventure tickets per jump (includes guide, ground crew and return transport). You can sign up during the event.

Skydiving | Skills Camp

For experienced skydivers we offer a mini skills camp. You sign up for 12 jumps over 2 or 3 days in a very small group of 3 or 4 participants plus a coach. We will try to find the perfect group for you, and if you come with 4 friends you may request your own coach.

The Mini Skills Camp starts on Sundays and Wednesdays and is suitable for intermediate freeflyers and absolute ninja’s. Minimum requirement: being able to safely join a 4-way head up jump or being able to safely join a 4-way track or angle jump. That means you need to be able hold your position for a full jump, adjust your speed and stay in your quadrant. If you are unsure if you have the right level, just ask us.

The price is 670€ and comes on top of your basic registration fee. This includes 12 jumptickets. You can sign up through the registration form and we’ll ask you for a 300€ non refundable deposit for the coaching. If we can’t finish all jumps in the camp, the jumptickets are refundable.

These are the coaches so far:

Alethia Austin
Daan van Keulen
Elias Nummela
Floris Drevel
Hannah Parker
Matt Leonard
Martijn van Dam
Petter Stensvold
Roy Wimmer Jaglom
Silvia Lacna
Vincent Cotte
Will Penny

Be aware that if you don’t book a skills camp, you should not expect to be load-organised during the event.

Slacklining / Highlining

New in 2022!
Sign up during the event. Info coming soon.


We offer an introduction day for beginners with some theory and take off practise on Sunday June 5 and Sunday June 12.

For experienced flyers we have locals to point you to the right spots and some demo gear to try out.

You can reserve through the reservation form which will be emailed to all participants. The price is 1 adventure ticket. We don’t offer a course for beginners at this point because we don’t have beginner friendly speedflying spots around Bovec.

Wingsuit / XRW

You are welcome to bring your suit and fly around the valley with your friends.

If we have enough interest, Matt Leonard & Vincent Cotte will organise XRW jumps during the event.


Our local yoga teacher Lindsey takes you to magical places for Mountain Top Yoga, SUP Yoga or Riverside Yoga.

Sign up during the event. More info coming soon.


Descending almost a kilometer of altitude via several long wire ropes with speeds of 60 km/u and stunning views. Also suitable for children.

Ziplining is a half day activity for which you can sign up during the event. The price is 1,5 adventure tickets.