2 Wayz 4 Dayz 

 To sign up for this event you need an invitation.

This event is exactly what the name says. Four days of two-ways. Well almost, as we hope to squeeze in some full plane loads as well. The idea is a brainchild of Ryan Risberg and therefore we dedicate this one to our friend.

The event is intended for having an unforgettable time with friends, doing what we love most. No one is doing any paid work.

The DZ is giving us a special jump ticket price of 30€. We aim for 8 jumps/day for 4 days.
Besides that, we have a package at the hotel next to the DZ with food and wine included for around 230€ per person for 4 nights. Another option is to get an airbnb and cook for yourself.

We aim to do six 2-ways per day (each 2 jumps with the same person), followed by two full caravan loads. We start with 16 slots / 1 full load for this first edition.

We don’t plan on organising a huge party, but we do intend to celebrate life together every evening (and the rest of the day).