2 Wayz 4 Dayz 

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This event is exactly what the name says. Four days of two-ways. Well almost, as we hope to squeeze in one or two full plane load jumps at the end of each day. The idea is a brainchild of Ryan Risberg together with Oscar and Will and therefore we dedicate this one to our friend Ryan.

The event is not intended for profit, but for having an unforgettable time with friends, doing what we love most. No one will be doing any paid work. We cover expenses and jumps for Will and Oscar (both flying outside camera or as uninvited guests on your fantastic 2-way) and Jasper (event organisation and part of the normal 2-way rotation).

850 EUR
This includes 20 jump tickets, 5 nights hotel next to the DZ, shared rental car and 3 meals a day. Extra jumps are only 27€, with a little SkyTime support.

We aim to do six 2-ways per day (3 sets of 2 with the same person), followed by one or two full plane load jumps from the one and only Foxy Supervan. Some of your flying partners are decided by the a raffle in the morning, but for others you can request your favourite buddies. We have 30 slots (2 loads) and we only invite high level professional flyers so each jump can be challenging if you want it to be.

We don’t plan on organising a huge party, but we do intend to celebrate life together every evening (and the rest of the day).