ToraTora anniversary festival

 Paracentrum Texel, Netherlands

The 15 year anniversary in 2020 has been cancelled and even though we were hoping to celebrate our Sweet Sixteen in the summer of 2021, corona ate that one too. We considered a “finally adult” party in 2023 but missed that opportunity because of DZ issues. Next up: 20 YEARS! Can you believe it?

18 years of ToraTora, finally we’re old enough to behave ridiculously childish and get away with it. That sounds like a very good excuse for a week long party with as many of our friends as possible. And what better location to do that than our very own Paracentrum Texel in The Netherlands?

The main setup is boogie style but we will also offer small group freefly coaching for those who want quality jumps. We got special permission to create a campsite right on the DZ which is usually impossible on Texel, so we plan to make full use of that exception. Expect a festival!


Adrian Daszkowski
Alethia Austin
Bella Smart
Daan van Keulen
David Nimmo
Efraim Folgerts
Fabian Raidel
Felix Seifert
Johannes Bergfors
Kim Törnwall
Matt Leonard
Petter Stensfold
Rachel Verweij
Rob Heron
Tom van der Waal
Troy Rodway
Yvonne Wiggers


Martijn van Dam

Jasper van der Meer
René Terstegen
Willem de Groot
Floris Drevel


Small group freefly coaching
Large group freefly organising
Festival campsite on DZ
Week activity program
Beach jumps
Every night = party night