Paradise Portugal 2018

October 1-12
Skydive Algarve
4:1 ratio freefly&wingsuit skills camp

This is the perfect camp for all levels: as a beginner you can learn new freefly skills like head up, head down or angle flying in 1-on-1 / 1-on-2 coaching jumps. Or as a freefly ninja, challenging your skills in a very small group.

Skydive Algarve runs three super fast Dorniers to extra high altitude (15.000 ft.!) right next to a stunning beach in South Portugal. This is a great opportunity to combine intensive personal learning and small group coaching with making new friends at a wonderful location. The event includes the typical beach jump and of course a decent party or two. And this year, we’re running our favorite event for TWO WEEKS! If you sign up for both weeks, we’ll help you enjoy a bunch of summer beach activities in the middle weekend.

New & improved:
We’ve listened to your feedback and made some changes to hopefully make the event even better.
We staying in Paradise for two whole weeks!
Each coach will have only one group and give them their full and undivided attention.
We’ve added wingsuit coaching and XRW. We’ll start a bit earlier for longer days and more jumps.
When the 25 jumps in the package are finished and you want to jump more, we’ll have a set price of 35€ for extra jumps with your coach, even if others in your group decide to quit. So no matter if your group is down to three or even two participants, you can keep going as long and hard as you desire!

For freefly beginners:
Whether you’re a total newbie, or just want to learn a new technique or freefly position, you’ll start with 1-on-1 coaching jumps. In this setup, one out of every four jumps is coached, and for the jumps in between you practise homework assignments by yourself or with your other group buddies. If you progress far enough during the week, you might switch to small group jumps with your coach to bring your new skills into practice.

For advanced freeflyers:
You’re put in a small group with three other flyers based on your skills, experience and interest. Every group has a dedicated coach working hard to push your personal level as far as possible. Coaches have only one group each so you have their full attention. They switch groups every few days to offer you some style variation.

For wingsuits:
New in 2018 is wingsuit coaching in the same 4:1 coach ratio. You can choose between wingsuit or freefly per week when you sign up, so you can choose to combine one week freefly / one week wingsuit. We will be catering specifically to larger surface wingsuits, and playing with angles, flocks, carving, headdown and speed dives. There’s an added option for XRW coaching with Iain Jensen during the second week. Should there be a big request for ‘intermediate suits’ and we have minimum 4 people, we can set up an additional group for that. If that’s you, please send an email to

How the camp works:
The package already includes 25 jumps per week and if you want to push even harder, extra jumps can be bought on site. You get a group with three other flyers based on your experience and every group has a dedicated coach. Coaches switch groups every few days. You’re manifested with your group and your coach in the same plane for every jump. Together you can decide to do a 4-way + coach, or split the group into two smaller groups, or do 1-on-1’s. It works like this: if you jump 4-way + coach, all 25 jumps are coached. If you split the group for 2-way coaching, you get half your jumps coached and jump the other half in your 2-way with homework exercises. If you do only 1-on-1s, you do one coaching jump and then 3 homework jumps by yourself or with your other group-buddies. Together with your group and your coach, you can change this plan on a daily basis. After the 25 jumps, you can buy extra tickets and continue jumping with your coach, with your group or 1-on-1.
We do our best to put you in a group with others that have similar levels and wishes, so you don’t end up doing 1-on-1s when you actually wanted group jumps or the other way around. When you sign up with 3 of your friends, you can request your private group coach.

The camp includes a two person shared room.
Our main accommodation (according to availability) is in our beach front hotel Pestana Alvor Atlantico, at 5 min driving from the dropzone. The rooms have a small kitchen and you’ll find a supermarket right next to the hotel. You can also choose to enjoy the breakfast buffet in the hotel, for only a few bucks.

Arrival day Sunday, departure Saturday. An airport pickup and a shared rental car per three people is included for the duration of the camp. If you fly to Portugal, you can choose Faro (1 hour from DZ) or Lisbon airport (2,5 hours from DZ). If you fly to Lisbon, you might have to wait a bit longer for others to share your ride with.

Bring your grandpa (or any other non-skydiver)
Algarve is a fantastic place to hang out, even when you stay on the ground. You can bring someone to stay with you in your room and join the party’s. You can book this option through the sign up form.

For the 2018 facebook event page click here.

Here’s an impression from previous editions: