ToraTora Paradise

Paradise Portugal 2017

October 8-13

Push your skills in one week of dedicated coaching in a very small group, or 1-on-1 with your personal coach. This camp is for all levels, whether you just come out of AFF or already have thousands of jumps, we’ll find a coach that can teach you something new.
The camp includes 30 jumps, a shared room in our beachfront hotel and a shared rental car. The rooms are for 2 people and have a small kitchen.

Skydive Algarve is running super fast Dorniers up to 14.000 ft. This is a great opportunity to combine intensive personal and small group coaching with making new friends at a stunning location close to the beach in Southern Portugal. We’ve moved the date a couple of weeks forward this year, to avoid the Portuguese autumn. Sunday 8 Oct is the first day of the camp which runs until Friday 13 Oct. Saturdays are travel days, but don’t leave too early after the Friday night closing party…

How it works:
The package includes 30 jumps (extra jumps can be bought on site). You will be put in a group with 3 other flyers based on your experience and interest and every group has a dedicated coach working hard to push your personal level as far as possible. Coaches switch groups every 2-3 days.
You’re manifested with your group and your coach in the same plane for every jump. Together you can decide to do a 4-way + coach or to split the group in smaller groups or do 1-on-1’s. Thus; if you jump 4-way + coach, all 30 jumps are coached. If you do 1-on-1s you get 8 coached jumps. If you split the group in half for 2-way coaching, you get half your jumps coached, etc. The jumps in between coaching you do homework jumps by yourself or with your other group-buddies. You and your coach can change this plan on a daily basis.
We’ll do our best to put you in a group with others that have similar levels and wishes, so you don’t end up doing 1-on-1s when you actually wanted group jumps or the other way around. When you sign up with 3 of your friends, you can request your private group together.

Coaches confirmed:
Rob Heron
Scott Plamer
Johannes Bergfors
Kim Törnwall
Marie Sjödin
Efraïm Folgerts
Yvonne Wiggers
Shannon Sarracco
Alan Foulkes
Floris Beukers

Hedda Andersen
Matty Mitchell
Martijn van Dam
René Terstegen
Jasper van der Meer

We’ve slightly changed the setup this year: some coaches will be handling 2 groups back to back. This only goes for some of the highly professional ones with heaps of experience. They don’t have to pack or manifest, so they’ll have enough time and energy for the groups they’re coaching. This setup eliminates the need for voluntary coaches at the camp, so the general level of the coaches will be higher than ever this year.

Bring your mom (or another non-skydiver)
Algarve is a fantastic place to hang out, even when you stay on the ground. You can bring someone to stay with you in your room and join the party’s. You can book this through the sign up form. Price for accompanying person: 265€. This includes the hotel, shared rental car, party’s, and a dinner.

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