Short History of ToraTora

ToraTora was created as a freefly team in 2005 by Etienne Schreinemacher and Jasper van der Meer. Our main mission was to organise events and bring freeflyers together.

Martijn van Dam joined a year later as camera flyer, and the team started competing in 2006. The following success was very unexpected, ranking 1st place after round one at the World Cup of 2007, which blew us away as this was our very first international competition. We finished 4th, a satisfying score with less than 150 team training jumps. Having smelled the gold, we decided to start training for real.

Sadly, Etienne was forced to stop skydiving in 2008 due to a skydiving accident resulting in serious injury.

In lack of a third team member, we stopped competing but continued training, playing, coaching and organising events. Over time, other team members joined. Daniel Saeuberli, Sarah Belien, Pieter Willemse, René Terstegen, Jarno Cordia, Willem de Groot and Floris Drevel have all been part of ToraTora team at some point.

We continue playing and creating together, on our way to celebrating our 20 year anniversary in 2025!