Hungary Heli Camp 2018

Push your skills in a week of dedicated coaching in a small group.
This is an authentic skills camp. Your commitment is expected, that means: get up in the morning and join all the group jumps. You will be put in a group based on your experience and every group will have a dedicated coach that will work hard to push your personal level as far as possible, while focusing on safety and teamwork at the same time. You get to fly with different coaches during the week.

This event has two unique features:
– All jumps are made from the MI-8 helicopter
– We have our accommodation at the dropzone and the rooms and your food are included in the price. So is a pickup service from and to Budapest.

The 2018 setup
This year we’ll be working with even smaller groups in the first week: only three participants to one coach! This means even more attention and progression than before. Obviously this pushes the price up a bit for week one, but we believe that this is totally worth the increase in quality. Don’t worry: with higher level groups we can still choose to increase the challenge by bringing two or three groups together and fly interesting 8-ways or 12-ways with two or three coaches.
Week One – August 6-10 (2018)
3:1 ratio (one coach for a group of 3 participants)
7 nights, 5 days, 25 jumps
open to all levels
Week Two – August 13-17 (2018)

5:1 ratio (one coach for a group of 5 participants)
7 nights, 5 days, 25 jumps
Both Weeks ALL IN
13 nights, 50 jumps

The camp includes:
– shared accommodation on the DZ in a 2 person room
– 25 coached group jumps (we aim for 7 jumps/day so we can do more than 25 jumps if the weather is willing)
– 3 meals a day
– Budapest pickup and return service
– a decent party on Saturday August 11th
You should arrange your own transport to and from Hungary. We provide a pickup and return service for those who fly or train into Budapest.

The location
At one hour from Budapest, located right next to summer holiday destination Siofok, Skydive Balaton is one of Europe’s most professional dropzones. Two MI8 helicopters, an amazing view over lake Balaton, a HUGE flat grassy landing area, and a smooth running manifest. Accommodation in a 2 person room is included, as is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The dropzone layout
The dropzone has two areas which lay a 2 minute drive or 15 minute walk from each other. The “Tower area”, where breakfast and dinner is served, where we watch dayvideo’s with a drink, and where most of the deluxe rooms are located. And the “DZ area”, where we spend most of our daylight hours for skydiving and lunch and where the standard rooms are.

Shared accommodation in a two person room on the dropzone is included. The standard rooms are at the DZ area, with shared toilet and shower facilities. You can upgrade to a deluxe room with private bathroom at the Tower area as long as they’re available. We have no single rooms available this year so for real privacy you can bring a tent or camper or you can choose to stay off site.

To reserve your slot you’ll need to pay a deposit of 500 € and agree to our GENERAL BOOKING CONDITIONS.
We accept Euro, Bitcoin, Ether and most other crypto currencies.

An impression of the previous edition: