Hungary Heli Camp 2016
June 6 – 17

Push your skills in a week of dedicated coaching in a group. All jumps are made from the MI-8 helicopter!

This is an authentic skills camp. Your commitment is expected, that means: get up in the morning and join all the group jumps. You will be put in a group based on your experience and every group will have a dedicated coach that will work hard to push your personal level as far as possible, while focussing on safety and teamwork at the same time. You get to fly with different coaches during the week.

The coaches in 2016
Antonio Aria
Jasper van der Meer (ToraTora)
Kim Törnwall (Sirius Fly)
Kristian Moxnes (Skywalkers)
Luis Prinetto (Fly4Life)
Ode Siivonen
René Terstegen (ToraTora / Turbolenza)
Vitor Benassi (Skydive Dubai / Maktoum)

The location
Skydive Balaton is one of Europe’s great dropzones. The MI8 is the best we’ve ever seen, the DZ is huge and flat, the view over lake Balaton is stunning and the rooms are comfortable. Accommodation in a 2 person room is included, as is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Light & Classic
The camp is about flying and coaching in groups. These groups are put together according to skill level but they’re not solid; we’ll evaluate every day and move people to a different group if that helps your learning curve or safety. This year you have 2 options:

Heli Camp Light (June 6-10)
This week includes 25 jumps and is open to most levels. Group size is small (4 students, 1 coach). If you can fly in a 5-way, all your jumps will be coached. The coach might decide to split the group in half for safety, in that case half of your jumps are coached. To enter you must be able to keep a solid sitfly position during a whole jump, and go faster and slower. But this week is also open to flyers with thousands of jumps that wanna push it in a small group.

Heli Camp Classic (June 12-17)
Minimum 500 jumps to enter.
This week includes 30 jumps and group size is around 8 flyers. Coaching focusses less on individual skills and more on group flying and teamwork. You’ll learn through awareness and are guided by world class coaches. This week feels a lot like a boogie, even though it’s not.

The camp includes:
– lodging at the DZ in a 2 person room
– 25 or 30 organized group jumps
– 3 meals a day
– airport pickup service
– a memorable week (promise)
The LIGHT version runs from Monday 6/06 until Friday 10/06. Accommodation is included from 5/06 to 11/06.
The CLASSIC runs from Sunday 12/06 until Friday 17/06. Accommodation is included from 11/06 to 18/06.
You can sign up for both weeks if you like.
The DZ is open for individual jumpers on Saturday the 11th.
The standard rooms are at the DZ area, with shared toilet and shower facilities. You can upgrade to a deluxe room at the restaurant area with private bathroom as long as they’re available. You should arrange your own transport to and from Hungary. We provide a pickup and return service for those who fly into Budapest.

To reserve your slot you’ll need to pay a deposit of 500 € and agree to our GENERAL BOOKING CONDITIONS which you can find here.

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