Gringo Camp 2017

26 Feb – 10 March
Puerto Escondido, Mexico


After 3 mega events in the US, it’s time for us to move camp and try something new. So how about jumping in shorts for two weeks, boosting your skills with top coaches, landing on the beach every single jump and chilling out with Taco’s and Margaritas afterwards? Mexico sounds like our new dream destination.

The camp
This event is a mix between a boogie, a skills camp and an exotic holiday. The camp includes 40 jump tickets, accommodation and transport from and to the airport. We’re freeflying and wingsuitflying in groups of around 4 to 8 and more than half of your jumps will be coached. If you burn through your 40 jumps, extra jump tickets can be bought on the spot. There will be enough on the program, as well as some time off, to really enjoy the wonders of Mexico.
The mornings are used to focus on small groups and to provide 1-on-1 coaching for those who want that. The afternoons are all about group organising where groups can become a bit bigger (6-10).
Mexico is the perfect place to jump in just shorts and T-shirt, and barefoot as the beach is our dropzone!

Confirmed Coaches:
Domi Kiger (Kristal)
Jarno Cordia (ToraTora / Fly Like Brick)
Jasper van der Meer (ToraTora)
Martin Dedek (Mad Ravens)
René Terstegen (ToraTora)

– more coaches will be added when more registrations come in –

Am I good enough?
The camp is open to all levels, from beginner to competitive tunnelflyer. If you’re already able to jump in groups of 4-8 people, you’ll get the maximum out of this camp. If you don’t have that level yet, you can still join to jump for yourself or with your friend(s). On top of that you can buy 1-on-1 coaching jumps. If you progress enough during coaching in week one, you might be able to join beginner group jumps in week two.

Puerto Escondido is a fishing town in the middle of the South Mexican Pacific, at the coast of the State of Oaxaca. This natural paradise is the oldest touristic zone in the region and one of its main characteristics is that, in spite of being kept as a semi-virgin place, it has a complete services infrastructure. It’s also known for it’s lively beach and spectacular surfing possibilities.

All our accommodation is in the same area and we will often share good Mexican meals and cosy evenings together, so the event doesn’t end after jumping stops. Standard accommodation in the DZ bunkhouse is included in the camp and you can upgrade to a 2p room in our ocean view hotel for 145$ for the full 2 weeks. A private room is 375$.

Your flight to Puero Escondido is not included in the camp so you can book that yourself. Most flights go over Mexico City, so you could consider spending a day there on the way.

1-on-1 coaching
You can book 1-on-1 jumps directly through the registration form. There’s limited availability so it’s best to book those early. 1-on-1 coaching is mostly done in the morning so you can spend the afternoon with homework or jumping with groups or friends.

The total price for the camp is around 1750 EUR. To avoid exchange rate confusion, the camp is paid in 2 currencies:
500 EUR non refundable deposit at time of booking
1390 USD two weeks before the event

To reserve your slot you’ll need to pay a deposit of 500 € and agree to our GENERAL BOOKING CONDITIONS which you can find here.

If you want to know anything else before signing up, feel free to contact us.

Gringo Camp