Environmental impact

& compensation

We are not an environmentally friendly company. On the contrary. We organise extreme sports events often with the use of airplanes or helicopters and we let our participants travel to get there. We have become very aware of the impact that we’re having on our planet and we’re currently looking for more sustainable ways to practice our sport.

Electric planes are being developed and synthetic kerosene is on the way as a potentially carbon neutral solution, but we still have a long way to go. In the meantime, we’ve pledged to turn all our events into “low impact events” starting in 2019. For us that means a few things:
– compensate for the CO2 we emit with our jumps
– compensate CO2 for the travel of our team
– compensate CO2 for windtunnel time that we use or give away
– exclusively work with windtunnels that run on 100% renewable energy
– avoid flying in coaches from overseas
– avoid single use plastic and other unnecessary trash
– provide wholesome plant based food options
– provide drinking water so there’s no need for bottled water
– choose sustainable giveaways
– separate trash at the dropzone

This is not an attempt to greenwash our activities. We will not use offsetting as a marketing instrument and you will not hear us use the words green or sustainable until we really get there, and for now we’re not even close. We are merely trying to limit our negative impact on our way to a better future.

To compensate our CO2 emissions, we plant trees for each skydive, flight or other impactful activity that we engage in until we find real sustainable solutions. For the compensation of our activities in 2019 we have chosen to work with Trees for the Future. This company plants trees with a wholistic and long term approach and doesn’t have carbon offsetting or carbon certificates as a primary goal.


To calculate our compensation we use numbers from myskydivingfootprint (between 13 and 30 kg CO2 per jump) and Trees for the Future (15,7 kg carbon capture per planted tree). To see how many trees we have donated so far, click here.

We take a few precautions to make sure we’re on the upper end of these numbers. The carbon capture is an average per tree per year so after reaching a certain size, an average tree will capture this amount of carbon every year. However, we base our compensation on 15,7 kg per planted tree. To be extra sure and to compensate for the travel of our team, we have doubled the amount of planted trees for each event. 

Paradise Portugal 2018

5213 jumps from a Dornier G92 @13,44 kg/jump
4 hours windtunnel giveaway at Flyspot @800 kWh and 15% green energy mix
Total 73381 kg CO2
4674 trees X2= 9348 trees @ 849 EURO

Adventure Boogie 2019

2263 jumps from a PC6 @14,36 kg/jump
5 hours windtunnel giveaway at Flyspot & Windobona
Total 36645 kg CO2
2334 trees X2= 4668 trees @ 424 EURO

Hungary Heli Camp 2019

4537 jumps from an MI-8 helicopter @27,22 kg/jump
Total 123497 kg CO2
7866 trees X2= 15732 trees @ 1428 EURO

Paradise Portugal 2019

5044 jumps from a Dornier G92 @13,44 kg/jump
1 hour windtunnel giveaway at Flyspot
Total 68621 kg CO2
4371 trees X2= 8742 trees @ 794 EURO

Winter Paradise 2020

1289 jumps from a PC6 and a C208
Total 18510 kg CO2
1289 trees X2= 2578 trees @ 214 EURO

Paradise Portugal 2020

2836 jumps from a Dornier G92 and a Cesna 208B Supervan
Total 31720 kg CO2
2836 trees X2= 5672 trees @ 515 EURO

Other in 2020

We raised 607 EURO through donations at Heli Camp and Paradise and 1188 EURO with the raffle at Paradise that we have used to plant 19768 extra trees.

Adventure Boogie 2021

2092 jumps from a PC6 @14,36 kg/jump
Total 30041 kg CO2
3 trees/jump = 6276 trees @ 570 EURO

Freefly Coach Workshop 2021

180 jumps from a PC6 @14,36 kg/jump
Total 30041 kg CO2
3 trees/jump = 6276 trees @ 570 EURO
9 x 66 trees travel compensation = 595 trees @ 54 EURO

Verification / links

News article – in Yahoo Finance
Great Non-Profits – 2019 Top Rated Non-Profit Organization
Charity Navigator – 3 star rated (includes breakdown of finances)
GuideStar – Platinum Seal of Transparency