Big Week

Big Week 2016

May 13 – 16 Paracentrum Texel (NL)

4 Days of bigways and formation loads from 15.000 ft, organised by Scott Plamer & Jasper van der Meer.

It’s not a selection camp. We’re just gonna try to make you all better and safer flyers. We’ll start with 2 groups of 15 buildign head up and head down formations. As soon as we think we’re ready, we’ll merge the groups for some mega 2 plane formation flights. Add a big way sunset track, beach landing, BBQ and a lot of people holding hands and you’ve got… BIG WEEK!

All jumps from 15.000 ft for only 20€
Registration 80€ non refundable
30 slots available, first come first serve

You can join this camp if you can safely fly in a 10 way head up and head down. You need to have basic skills like staying on level, forward & backward movement and 180/backtrack on separation. It’s your own responsibility to judge this. If we find out that you don’t have the necessary skills, you will continue jumping but in a smaller group or by yourself to practice these skills. If you have any questions or have doubts about your level, ASK!