Adventure Boogie

Bovec, Slovenia

details for the 2019 edition will be announced soon

Imagine spending a week in magical mountains, where each morning you can choose to spend your day skydiving, or try out one of many other exciting mountain sports under professional guidance…

This is a freefly boogie where you can do exactly that. You’ll get to enjoy the spectacular Slovenian landscape from the sky, from the water and underground – if you dare. You can challenge yourself physically and mentally in many different ways. Or you can just come to freefly with our top organizers. Your choice. And the best thing: you’ll have a magical week in any type of weather.

The Setup
The main event is a freefly boogie with coaches, who are organizing group jumps all day. You may jump with a group, jump by yourself or with friends, or do 1-on-1 coaching. You can decide your own jumping rhythm and day program, but we help forming groups that make sense and we try to keep groups together during the day. The goal is to have fun but also to learn and progress.
You pay a one time registration fee and then you buy as many jumptickets as you like. These jumptickets can be used for normal jumps, organized jumps or other outdoor activities, like kayakking, caving and canyoning. So for example, on Tuesday morning you go venture deep into the canyons of the Soca area, with ropes and huge waterfalls, and then you come back to the DZ around midday for a couple of angle jumps with a beautiful view over the mountains.

The complete outdoor program will be announced online later, but we can tell you this:
– all activities are guided by professional instructors
– most activities are for a half day, morning or afternoon
– the price for an activity is usually around 1 or 2 jumptickets, depending on duration
– there will be lists at the DZ where you can sign up for all activities
– it’s up to you if you want to do a full outdoor week with just a little bit of skydiving, a skydiving week without any outdoor adventures, or any other mix
– with most of these mountain sports, you experience the world a little bit differently after you come back to the DZ

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

Am I good enough? – LIGHT package
The answer is yes. If you don’t have the experience to fly in groups of 6 to 8, you can still join the event with a LIGHT package: you pay a lower registration fee; you buy jumptickets and jump as much as you want, yourself or with friends. You can purchase 1-on-1 coaching jumps, and you can join the innhops, parties and outdoor activities.

The location
Slovenia is a spectacular country, in some ways comparable to the landscape of Norway, Switzerland or New Zealand. The Soca valley is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and on top of that, it has a dropzone right in the center of it!
The airfield is situated next to the mountain village Bovec, in a green valley bordering the Triglav National Park. It’s surrounded by mountain peaks and right through the middle of it all runs the clear turquoise colored Soca river, famed for it’s world class kayaking and rafting possibilities. The village is a lively outdoor sports town with plenty of little restaurants, where each euro is worth two.

There are several affordable sleeping options. The cheapest one is the nearby campsite (Kamp Polovnik – 7€/night), at five minutes walking from the DZ. Through or Airbnb you will find affordable apartments and hostels all over town. You can use the facebook event page to find roomsharing and carpooling.

Mountain Swooping
We always fly in small groups with a guide. Everyone with 500+ jumps may join mountain swooping, after attending the mountain swoop safety briefing for that particular run.

Even Rokne is organising his magical “innhopps” around Bovec. There will be an array of easy and more challenging innhopps during the week. These are jumps you won’t easily forget. More info will follow.

More info coming soon.

Week planning
More info coming soon.

Bring your partner
This is a great place to bring your non-skydiving friends and family. They may join you in outdoor activities and parties, they might do a tandem, or just enjoy the beauty of Bovec from the ground. There is no registration fee for non-skydivers.

Getting there
You can fly into Ljubljana (1h45 from Bovec) or Venice (2h30 from Bovec) and rent a car. They’re both 2-2,5 hours drive from Bovec. You can use the facebook event page to find others to share a car with. You can also take a train to Most na Soci and a bus from there or ask on facebook for another participant to pick you up.

To reserve your slot you need to pay a non refundable registration fee and agree to our GENERAL BOOKING CONDITIONS which you can find here.

Adventure Boogie