Adventure Boogie

June 6-20 2020 – Bovec, Slovenia

We are working on a slightly new concept for 2020. As soon as details are confirmed we will publish those via our mailinglist. We will not use facebook for event promotion next year so make sure you subscribe!

Imagine spending a week in magical mountains, where each morning you can choose to spend your day skydiving, or try out one of many other exciting mountain sports under professional guidance…

This is a freefly boogie where you can do exactly that. You’ll get to enjoy the spectacular Slovenian landscape from the sky, from the water and even underground. You can challenge yourself physically and mentally in many different ways. Or you can just come play with our top load organizers. Your choice. And the best thing: you’ll have a magical week in any type of weather.

The location
Slovenia is a spectacular country, in some ways comparable to the landscape of Norway, Switzerland or New Zealand. The Soca valley is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and on top of that, it has a dropzone right in the center of it!
The airfield is situated next to the mountain village Bovec, in a green valley bordering the Triglav National Park. It’s surrounded by mountain peaks and right through the middle of it all runs the clear turquoise colored Soca river, famed for it’s world class kayaking and rafting possibilities. The village is a lively outdoor sports town with plenty of little restaurants, where a beer still costs a euro.

Adventure Boogie 2019
Video One – by CutawayTV / Willem de Groot

Adventure Boogie 2019
Video Two – by Tommy Papatango

Adventure Boogie 2019
Video Three – by Keith Creedy