Meeting Location: 

Dropzone – Boogie Desk 10 minutes before departure


Venturing down into a pitch dark cave. Some find it scary and you will get dirty. It’s an experience you will remember and the world feels a little different when you come back into daylight.

Mala Boka cave
A mysterious trip near the gigantic waterfall Boka. Hidden from sight, the entrance to the cave is known only to the people familiar with the surroundings and it hides a real underground gem. After entering, a vast rocky chamber opens before us, which leads to numerous stalagmites and stalactites. The rocky halls are encased with hundreds of windows, which are pierced with sunlight and have lovely acoustics. Duration 3-4 hours.

Srnica cave
The most popular underground exploration in the Bovec region. Pure and raw caving, not suitable for those with claustrophobia. The entrance is hidden in the wall by the Gljun creek. We crouch and walk through an intricate labyrinth of tunnels and halls, which can be stifling at times and then suddenly douse us with cool yet pleasant air of the underground corridors. In some parts we rely on ropes, which enable us easier navigation without getting lost. Duration 3-4 hours.


– clothes that may get dirty
– long sleeves
– firm shoes
– some water
– a snack