February 16-21
Castellon, Spain

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For the first time we host a winter version of our Paradise event. A different beach, the same setup of small group freefly coaching (4:1 ratio) with ocean views. But what makes this event even better:

You have six jumps pre-manifested each day
You land by (or on) the beach
Your hotel is right next to the DZ
The camp includes three meals a day

For more information on The Filmmakers Workshop during Winter Paradise click here.

The setup
We aim to provide a totally care-free event, so that you can fully focus on learning. Everything is taken care of, from your transport from the airport and your hotel, to your food and even your jumps are pre-manifested ahead of time. We make sure that the coaches are highly qualified to teach you, and because each coach has only four students, they’re able to give you their full attention. The camp runs for 6 days and includes 24 jumps. That means that if the weather treats us well, you might finish your 24 jumps early and can choose to do some more jumps, with or without a coach.

The cost
The total price for the camp is 1640 EUR which includes:

  • 24 jumps
  • shared 2 person hotel room
  • airport transfer
  • 3 meals a day

Extra coached group jumps are 35 EUR each, even if one or two others in your group want to stop jumping. Extra jumps without your coach are 29 EUR. Extra jumps can be paid directly on site or afterwards via invoice.

Can I join?
If you can safely sitfly or track in a group of 4, then YES!
All coached jumps are group jumps and we don’t plan on doing any 1-on-1 coaching during this event. While flying in a group, we cannot teach you to fly head up, head down or in an angle if you’ve never done that before. To fly in a small group, you have to at least be able to keep your position during a whole jump and adjust your fall rate. If you are unsure if you can join, ask us!

How the camp works
You’re manifested with your group and your coach in the same load for every jump. The aim is to jump in a group with your coach on every jump. In some situations your coach might suggest to split the group into two 2-ways for a few jumps to increase safety or improve your learning environment. In that case you jump with your coach on every other jump. We do our best to put you in a group with others that have similar levels and wishes. If you sign up with your friends, you can request to form a group together and get your private coach. The participant/coach ratio is a total average. To ensure the right fit for all group levels, it can sometimes happen that your group is one person bigger or smaller for a day or two. We pre-manifest 6 group jumps per day. If there is time left then you can do an extra fun jump at the end of the day. If we can’t finish the 24 jumps due to weather, we will refund your unused jump tickets (29 EUR/jump). If you miss or skip a jump, resulting in an empty slot in the plane, then we can’t refund that jump. Cost for coaching and event organisation can never be refunded.

The camp includes a shared two person hotel room. The hotel is right next to the dropzone at a one minute walk from the beach. The camp includes three meals a day, served at the hotel. It’s a buffet, so you are quite flexible regarding eating times and diet. We can reserve a single room for you upon request (165 EUR/week).

Arrival day is Saturday February 15, departure is Saturday February 22. Spain is great for train travel. Valencia (VLC) is the closest international airport. Transport from the airport to the hotel and back is included. More info on this soon.

After you sign up, you will be asked to pay a 500€ deposit to secure your slot. Part of this deposit is non refundable. The remaining amount needs to be paid latest January 15th. Our general conditions apply and we kept them short, so read them to avoid surprises.