Focusing on beginning, intermediate and advanced freefly coaches.

September 30 – October 6
Skydive Algarve

This page is about the Freefly Coach Workshop held in October 2019. The next edition takes place in September 2020. Get on our mailinglist if you want updates!

Based on the feedback from our team of coaches, we have realised that it’s time to start educating the educators, teaching the teachers, coaching the coaches. To this end, we have set up The Freefly Coach Workshop.

Due to easy access to flight progression through windtunnels, and general growth of the sport of freeflying, many skilled athletes are entering the scene, keen to start teaching. They might not have several thousand jumps of practical experience and many years of witnessing all that can happen on a dropzone. However, they often do have the right attitude towards learning. It is in part they who have asked us to come up with this workshop.

What, where, when?
In a week full of high intensity practical and theoretical classes by some of the most experienced teachers in our sport, we aim to teach beginner to experienced coaches all the ins and outs of freefly coaching and load organising. The goal is for them to boost their progression as a coach by directly tapping into the source of decades of experience.
This first edition of the Freefly Coach Workshop will take place during our Paradise event at Skydive Algarve, Portugal. The workshop runs during the first five days of the event, which covers two weeks in total (Sept 30 – Oct 11). It also includes attendance at the conference day on Sunday, Oct 6 in Portimao; a full day of inspiring talks by world leaders in our industry.

The workshop
Five days of intensive skydiving in a group with three of your peers, guided by top-level professional freefly coaches with decades of experience. The week includes both practical and theoretical elements where we cover all of the essential elements which make up the safe practice of freefly coaching and load organising.
During the first part of the week, we practice leading contemporary basic & intermediate level organised jumps in all orientations and learn about their pitfalls, progression, and smart variations. We cover topics like in-air communication, basic flying techniques and how to recognise and correct mistakes. In the second part of the week, you get to organise high-level kick ass freefly jumps for and with your peers. You can experiment with various kinds of jump ideas while being guided and inspired by your coach. Navigating more complicated flight patterns will also be covered.
The workshop includes classes on topics like didactics, group assessment and safety.

Who is teaching?
Domi Kiger
Will Penny
Jasper van der Meer
René Terstegen
Julian Barthel (didactical module & canopy flight)

Can I join?
It is a misunderstanding that this workshop is only for people who are just beginning to coach. If you have already been coaching or load organising for a while and you want to invest in your career by learning from the best, this is your chance. People with no coaching or LO experience are also welcome. We do have some minimum flying skill requirements: you need to be proficient in head up, head down and angle flying. You should easily be able to find your way around the sky in these positions. You’ll be focussing on others, safety, navigation and teaching in freefall, so your own flying should go without too much thinking. If you have doubts about your level, let us know and we’ll have a chat about that.

Sunday 6 October – Life as a Pro conference day
This is included in the workshop. A full day of inspirational talks by world leaders in skydiving about life as a pro skydiver, covering a wide range of subjects like the value of experience, social ethics, the teacher’s role and entertainment in the sport. Including break time activities and a delicious lunch on the beach.

Everyone who completes The Freefly Coach Workshop will get a certificate to prove this. As we roll out more Coach Workshops in the future, this will most likely become a valuable certificate with international recognition.

The cost of the workshop is 1540 EUR, which includes hotel, shared rental car / airport pickup, all coaching and classes and 20 group jumps. You will be able to do more group jumps for 35 EUR per jump. It also includes your entry to the conference day on Oct 6.

As this is the first time we’re launching this idea, we can imagine that you have some more questions about it. Don’t hesitate to ask them per email or via our contact form.