For beginning, intermediate and advanced freefly coaches.

Next editions:
Level I – October 3-8 2021
SkyTime Castellon, Spain

Level II – to be announced


The mission of The Freefly Coach Workshop is to educate the current and next generation of skydive coaches and load organisers.

Due to easy access to flight progression through wind tunnels and general growth of the sport of freeflying, there are many skilled athletes entering the scene, keen to teach and organise jumps. They might not have several thousand jumps of practical experience and many years of witnessing all that can happen at a dropzone. However, they do often have the right attitude towards learning. It is in part they who have asked us to create this workshop.

In a week of high intensity practical and theoretical teaching by some of the most experienced coaches and load organisers in our sport, we aim to deliver extremely high value for participants. The goal is for them to boost their progression by directly tapping into the source of decades of experience.

The reason why it’s called a workshop rather than a course or a license, is because being a good coach or load organiser consists of many different qualities and after a one week course, we can’t guarantee that a participant is a good coach. 

The workshop certificate is proof that a participant has successfully completed the workshop, which gives him or her a broad knowledge base and a good judgement of their own abilities and what experience they might lack. With this certificate in hand, they know themselves if they are ready to start (or continue) gaining experience as a coach or load organiser and can do so with much more insight.

Can I join?
It’s a common misunderstanding that this workshop is only meant for people who are just beginning to coach. If you have already been coaching or load organising for a while and you want to invest in your career by learning from the best, this is your chance. People with no coaching or LO experience are also welcome. We do have some minimum flying skill requirements: you need to be proficient in head up, head down and belly angle flying. You should easily be able to find your way around the sky in these positions. You’ll be focussing on others, safety, navigation and teaching in free fall, so your own flying should go without too much thinking. If you have doubts about your level, let us know and we’ll have a chat about it.

The workshop
The workshop consists of five days of intensive learning in a group with two of your peers, guided by top-level professional freefly coaches who have decades of experience. The days are divided in practical teaching (while skydiving) and theoretical lessons in which we cover all of the essentials that make up the safe practice of freefly coaching and load organising. New this year will be a Level II module of the workshop, accessible to anyone who has completed Level I.

Details Level I

Entry requirements
Able to come and take a grip in head up and head down
Able to stay in your slot (+/- 2m) in all belly angles

In this workshop we study all areas of coaching and load-organising with intermediate freefly students and groups in basic HU, HD, tracking and angle jumps.

The role of a coach/LO
General knowledge and behaviour
DZ ground procedures
   – Aircraft behaviour
   – Freefall
   – Canopy piloting
   – Equipment
The general theory of sport education
Structuring a (de-)briefing
Planning jumps
   – Head up jumps
   – Head down jumps
   – Tracking jumps
   – Angle flying
   – Navigation
   – Medium big ways
Break off procedures
Exit order
Making mistakes

Details Level II

Entry requirements
Successfully completed Level I of the workshop (no exceptions)

In this workshop we study coaching beginner groups, 1-on-1 coaching, advanced coaching, working with incompatible groups, students who have a higher skill level than the coach, challenging students.

Flying techniques
Teaching beginners & 1-on-1 coaching

Advanced navigation
Planning jumps
   – Dynamic lines
   – Flips ’n shit
   – Big ways
   – Planning progress through multiple jumps
   – Working with non-matching skill levels, differentiation
The general theory of sport education – part 2

Canopy flight
Dropzone operations
Emergency situations

Details Level III

scheduled for 2022

Entry requirements
Successfully completed Level II of the workshop

In this workshop we study leading highly skilled flyers, working at high profile events, how to become a desired coach/LO, creating your own events, organising formation records, how to become a Workshop Leader, working with sponsors.

What, where, when?
The next edition of the Freefly Coach Workshop will take place at SkyTime Castellon in Spain, October 3-8 2021. We take nine participants (3 groups of 3).

The price
Total price for the camp: 1740 euro
This includes:

  • 5 days of intensive teaching
  • 15 jumps
  • shared 2-person hotel room
  • 3 meals a day
  • packjobs
  • airport transfer if needed

Accommodation and food is included for 6 days / nights.

Who is teaching?
Will Penny
Jasper van der Meer
Petter Stensvold
We sometimes invite guest teachers for specific modules.

After successful completion of the Freefly Coach Workshop you will get a certificate to prove it. As we roll out more Coach Workshops in the future, we expect this to become a valuable certificate with international recognition.

The camp includes a shared two person hotel room. The hotel is right next to the dropzone at a one minute walk from the beach. The camp includes three meals a day, served at the hotel. It’s a buffet, so you are quite flexible regarding eating times and diet. We can reserve a single room for you upon request (165 EUR/week). If you want to come early or stay longer, we can request to extend your room booking for you.

Arrival day is Sunday 3 Oct, departure is Saturday 9 Oct (or Friday eve but you’ll miss the Mucho Fun party). Spain is great for train travel. Valencia (VLC) is the closest international airport. Transport from the airport to the hotel and back will be taken care of.

You will be asked to pay a 750€ deposit to secure your slot. Part of this deposit is non-refundable. The remaining amount should be paid latest one week before the start of the event.

To reserve your slot you need to agree to our general booking conditions. If the Covid-19 situation changes and forces us to cancel the event, we’ll give you the option to get a refund or save your deposit on account for a future event. If your own situation prevents you from attending the event due to Covid-19, we keep your deposit to cover some cost, but we’ll refund all other payments you might have made to us for this event.

If you have any questions about this workshop, don’t hesitate to ask them per email or via our contact form.

Classes of 2019 and 2020: